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Posted November 2011

Ho Man Tin Station

Works Description

Ho Man Tin Station (HOM) is located beneath the fill platform (currently occupied by the open space car park) bounded by Fat Kwong, Chung Hau and Yan Fung streets and will serve as the interchange station for the proposed Kwun Tong Line Extension (KTE). The station adopts a cascading approach allowing vertical circulation between platforms and concourses to minimize the station footprint and to keep passenger flow decision points to a minimum.

There are three entrances proposed for the station:

  • Entrance A serves the Fat Kwong Street and Yan Fung Street road junction. Ventilation louvers for tunnel ventilation are integrated with the entrance and there is an adjoining cooling tower;
  • Entrance B is located at Chung Hau Street and is linked with the station via lifts and a firemen's stair;
  • Entrance C faces Chatham Road North and is the main entrance for the Hung Hom neighbourhood. It is an external corridor link split into Entrance C1 that provide access to the Yan Fung Street and Chatham Road North junction; and Entrance C2 that links with a footbridge across Chatham Road North to Wuhu Street.

In addition, subway / covered walkway / footbridge will be provided to enhance pedestrian connectivity from the station to Ho Man Tin and Oi Man Estates. A series of louvers is incorporated into the station façade.