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Posted November 2011

Diamond Hill Station

Works Description

  • The Diamond Hill Station (DIH) of SCL would be the interchange station with the Kwun Tong Line Extension (KTE);
  • The expanding part of the station will be underground and to the southwest of the existing DIH of Kwun Tong Line (KTL);
  • DIH will become the railway hub for East Kowloon;
  • Passengers travelling from Ma On Shan to East Kowloon will be able to change trains for the KTL at DIH, while KTL passengers will be able to change to the SCL for destinations in the New Territories in the north or Hong Kong Island in the south;
  • There are two new entrances for the station: Entrance B located in Lung Cheung Road, which is opposite to Sheung Yuen Street and Entrance D Lung Cheung Road is the main entrance for Lung Poon Court Residents.