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Posted November 2011

Project Description

The Shatin to Central Link – Stabling Sidings at Hung Hom Freight Yard [SCL (HHS)] is one of the five Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies which have been conducted to cover different sections of the SCL.

The stabling sidings would be an essential element for the operation of SCL – Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section [SCL (TAW-HUH)]. Either option of adopting the stabling sidings at the former Hung Hom Freight Yard (HHS) or Diamond Hill (DHS) which is considered in the SCL (TAW-HUH) EIA would be needed to accommodate trains for deployment to meet the demand during morning peak hours. In non-operational hours, the sidings would be used for train stabling. Maintenance works, such as regular cleaning and inspection, but not for major repairing works, would be conducted during non-operational hours as well.

The HHS will be located underneath the existing podium structure covering the former Hung Hom Freight Yard at Hung Hom, except its shunt neck, launching/ retrieval and emergency tracks which will extend outside the podium as they connect to the tracks to be constructed for the SCL (TAW- HUH). It is also necessary to make appropriate changes in the design of Hung Hom (HUH), Kai Tak (KAT) and Diamond Hill (DIH) Stations and its associated alignment and facilities proposed in SCL (TAW-HUH) and SCL – Mong Kok East to Hung Hom Section [SCL (MKK-HUH)] EIA Reports to suit this operational arrangement.

According to updated information, SCL (HHS) is targeted to commence construction in 2012.

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