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Posted November 2011

Scope of Works

The Project comprises:

Stabling Sidings at Hung Hom Freight Yard

  • Construction of a train stabling sidings under the existing deck of Hung Hom Station (HUH);
  • Construction of a fan area to the north of the train stabling sidings;
  • Construction of tracks to the north and south of the stabling sidings to enable manoeuvring of trains to and from the stabling to the SCL – Tai Wai to Hung Hom Section (TAW-HUH) alignment;
  • Construction of noise mitigation over the fan area and near the shunt neck.

Hung Hom Station (HUH) Modification

  • Construction of underground platforms;
  • Modification work of HUH podium;
  • Construction of plant rooms underneath HUH podium;
  • Construction of ventilation shafts/plant and CLP transformer plant;
  • Others such as utility diversion.

Kai Tak Station (KAT)

  • Construction of KAT and associated tunnels;
  • Construction of underground refuge sidings of about 300m in length as part of the KAT construction.

Diamond Hill Station (DIH)

  • Construction of the interchange station with existing Kwun Tong Line at Diamond Hill;
  • Site formation to connect station to adjacent existing ground;
  • Construction of SCL (TAW-HUH) tunnel section approaching to DIH to suit the DIH location without stabling sidings at Diamond Hill (DHS);
  • Others such as utility diversion in Diamond Hill CDA site arising from the deletion of DHS.