Post November 2011


The Project comprises the following key elements:

  • An approximately 1.2km realigned and modified railway section from Portal 1A to HUH;
  • Provision of noise mitigation measure at Portal 1A to reduce the operation noise impact on the surrounding sensitive receivers;
  • New underground platforms at the existing HUH providing an integrated HUH for the existing lines and the future SCL;
  • Realignment of the existing Cheong Wan Road Viaduct;
  • Ventilation shafts, cooling tower and other associated works of the Project; and
  • Slight modification works to the existing Homantin Siding and Mong Kok Freight Terminal at Mong Kok East Station (MKK).

Apart from the above key elements, barging facilities, supporting works areas and access roads will be required to support the construction of the Project.