Posted November 2011


ADM Admiralty Station
ASR Air Sensitive Receiver (for Air Quality)
C&C Cut-and-Cover
C&D Construction and Demolition
CBTS Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter
CWB Central-Wan Chai Bypass
EAL East Rail Line
EAP Emergency Access Point
EIAO Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
EPD Environmental Protection Department
ETWBTC Environment, Transport and Works Bureau Technical Circular
EXH Exhibition Station
HKB Hong Kong Park Ventilation Building
HKCEC Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
HUH Hung Hom Station
IGH/TP Harbour Road Sports Centre and Wan Chai Swimming Pool
IMT Immersed Tube Tunnel
KTE Kwun Tong Line Extension
MFC Marine Fill Committee
NOV North Ventilation Building, Plant Rooms and Emergency Access
NSR Noise Sensitive Receiver
PCWA Public Cargo Working Area
PFA Pulverised Fuel Ash
PFRFs Public Fill Reception Facilities
PME Powered Mechanical Equipment
POC Police Officers’ Club
RBRGs Risk-Based Remediation Goals
SCL Shatin to Central Link
SCL (HUH – ADM) Shatin to Central Link – Hung Hom to Admiralty Section
SCL (MKK – HUH) Shatin to Central Link – Mong Kok East to Hung Hom Section
SI Site Investigation
SIL(E) South Island Line (East)
SOV South Ventilation Shafts, Plant Rooms and Emergency Access
TBM Tunnel Boring Machine
EIAO-TM Technical Memorandum on Environmental Impact Assessment Process
WDII Wan Chai Development Phase II
WMP Waste Management Plan
WPCO Water Pollution Control Ordinance
WSD Water Services Department
MFC Marine Fill Committee