Posted November 2011


The Project [SCL (HUH – ADM)] comprises the following key elements:

  • An approximately 6km extension of the East Rail Line including a rail harbour crossing from Hung Hom to Admiralty on Hong Kong Island;
  • A new EXH located near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC);
  • An integrated ADM for the existing urban lines, the future SCL and SIL(E);
  • Ventilation buildings, ventilation shafts, smoke extraction facilities and other associated works of the Project; and
  • Demolition of the existing Kowloon Freight Building at south of HUH to facilitate the construction of the Project.

Apart from the above key elements, barging facilities, immersed tube tunnel (IMT) casting basin, supporting works areas and access roads will be required to support the construction of the SCL (HUH – ADM).

It should be noted that the works at the HUH would be within the scope of SCL (MKK – HUH). The design and construction of the ADM including associated structures for the SCL (HUH – ADM) will be carried out by the SIL(E) whilst the construction of the overrun tunnel beyond ADM and minor building works will be carried out under SCL (HUH – ADM).