Posted December 2010


The Project comprises the following key elements:

  • Temporary reclamation, which occupies about 0.7ha of Government foreshore and sea-bed (of which 0.3ha is already authorized under CWB project, i.e. additional reclamation of 0.4ha is required).
  • Dredging works at the southeast corner of the CBTS to provide additional space for mooring (or anchorage users) due to the additional temporary reclamation for the Project.
  • Construction of a section of the twin track railway tunnel structure (approximately 160m long) above the proposed CWB located entirely offshore within the CBTS.
  • Relocation of the temporary RHKYC jetty within the CWB temporary reclamation to a new location.
  • Removal of the temporary reclamation (Except the small area at the southwest corner of the reclamation which will be removed by the SCL project upon completion of the future SCL tunnels connecting to the proposed SOV).

All of the above construction works, including the dredging work at the southwest corner of the temporary reclamation area, would be entrusted to the CWB project and hence carried out by the CWB Contractor. The only exception is the removal of temporary reclamation at the southwest corner, which would be performed under the SCL (HUH-ADM) when the future SCL tunnel is connected to the shoreline at the proposed SOV.