Posted August 2010

Admiralty Station & Hong Kong Park

Works Description

Proposed Admiralty Station will be located under Harcourt Garden and Queensway.

Proposed works at Admiralty are the construction of an underground station plus its associated above-ground entrance, ventilation shafts and plant buildings and the construction of a ventilation shaft at Hong Kong Park. Two major work sites - Harcourt Garden and Hong Kong Park - will be used.

These works comprise:

  • Construction of a cut-and-cover box in Harcourt Garden required for the construction of the station and ventilation facilities. The ventilation facilities at Harcourt Garden have been designed so that the area will be developed into terraced gardens/landscape deck on completion of construction works;
  • Development of site access roads in Harcourt Garden;
  • Provision of site offices, material storage and plant occupied areas on the eastern side of Harcourt Garden; and
  • Construction of a tunnel ventilation shaft at the works site at Hong Kong Park on Supreme Court Road plus the associated slope stabilization works.

On completion of the construction works, Harcourt Garden will be replaced by a new design which incorporates the ventilation buildings and entrances into terraced gardens and a landscape deck.

The gardens will include a large lawn area with trees and open plaza space. These will connect the public to Harcourt Road and the walkway serving the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The landscape deck area will provide direct access via the footbridge to surrounding developments, including Citic Tower and the new Government Headquarters.

The terraced edges of the landscape deck will be planted with a variety of plants, providing different colours, shapes and types to visually soften the building edges and connect with tree planting at street and upper levels.

The garden design also provides shaded seating areas for future park users to relax outdoors. This will enhance the existing Harcourt Garden which is now largely used only as an access route to other areas.