Posted August 2010

Cause of Impact


The main cause of air quality impact during construction is the increased levels of dust due to:

Harcourt Garden

  • Construction activities including the open excavation of the cut-and-cover station;
  • Material handling and temporary stockpiles;
  • Wind erosion of open active areas; and
  • Spoil transportation to the temporary stockpile area within the site.

Hong Kong Park

  • Construction of ventilation shaft and ancillary building;
  • Wind erosion of open active areas; and
  • Slope stabilization works.


Similar to other existing electrified railways in Hong Kong, the air quality impact of railway operations is insignificant.

Proposed Remedies

In order to minimize dust levels during construction, the following remedies will be applied:

  • Using solid-fabric waterproof materials to cover all stockpile areas; Stockpile area covered by wateproof materials
  • Regular water spraying on all the potentially dusty areas on site; Water spraying on dusty areas
  • Regular water spraying on paved haul roads in the construction site near Harcourt Garden; Water spraying on haul roads
  • Spraying all dusty materials with water immediately prior to any loading or transfer operation; Spray before transfer
  • Completely covering dusty materials on construction trucks with solid fabric; Construction truck with load covered with tarpaulin
  • Washing vehicle wheels prior to leaving the construction site; Washing Car
  • Limiting the number of construction trucks approaching and leaving the site;
  • Controlling the speed of trucks within the works site to about 10km/h; and 10 km/h
  • Conducting regular site audits to ensure that the dust control measures are properly implemented. Performing regular site audits


Careful application of all the various remedies described above will result in dust levels from the construction of Admiralty Station and Hong Kong Park ventilation shaft complying with the requirements of legislative criteria and guidelines.