Posted August 2010

Lee Nam Road Barging Point

Works Description

The temporary barging point at Lee Nam Road is located at the south western portion of Ap Lei Chau. It will mainly handle the disposal of excavated materials generated at works sites in Ap Lei Chau and Wong Chuk Hang Depot.

It is proposed that excavated materials from works sites at Lei Tung Station and tunnel will be conveyed via a construction adit from the construction shaft at Lee Wing Street, along an enclosed conveyor belt system to the temporary barging point at Lee Nam Road. However, transportation of materials by trucks is also a viable alternative for the removal of excavated materials from the adit to the temporary barging point.

Excavated materials generated from the works sites at South Horizons, the tunnel section at Sham Wan Towers and other sites will be delivered to the temporary barging point by road traffic.

Proposed works at Lee Nam Road comprise:

  • Provision of site offices;
  • Provision of areas for construction material storage; and
  • Construction of berths and tipping halls.