Posted August 2010

Lei Tung

Works Description

Proposed works at Lei Tung are the construction of an underground station plus its associated above-ground entrances, ventilation shafts and plant building.

These works comprise:

  • Construction of a tunnel from the portal at the southern side of Aberdeen Channel Bridge to South Horizons Station;
  • Construction of underground railway station and station entrances;
  • Construction of a ventilation shaft in the vicinity of the Lei Tung Commercial Centre;
  • Construction of a tunnel ventilation facility near Sham Wan Tower;
  • Construction of a plant building at Lee Wing Street plus the associated slope stabilization works;
  • Construction of an access adit at Lee Wing Street for transportation of excavated materials to the temporary barging point at Lee Nam Road via a temporary conveyor belt; and
  • Provision of site offices and areas for construction material storage.