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Bridging Generations

The Bridging Generations timeline is a snapshot of the milestones that have given rise to Hong Kong’s status as a global financial, business and cultural centre over the last 40 years. In parallel is the development of the MTR Corporation as an organisation, sustainable enterprise and asset to our society. more

Sustainability at MTR

As an organisation that operates with the perspective of a 100+-years in rail asset life, we think and plan in generations. We steward the company to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. more

This commits us to being transport at its best.

In fulfilling this commitment, we plan, build and operate our transport network to respond to evolving societal aspirations. At the same time we work to establish ourselves as a cornerstone of the sustainable development of the societies and institutions of tomorrow. We recognise and embrace the responsibilities this brings and actively seek a leading role in them. less

Transport at its best is the seamless, almost invisible, anchor to the fabric of society. To us, it is the convergence of the commitments and actions that create social, environmental and economic value. It is not framed as a series of isolated decisions, but rather as a continuous transformation that parallels societal aspirations for sustainable development.

We recognise that to achieve such an ambitious goal, we must be the best in ourselves and deliver best value in our products and services. We need to think and act with flexibility to manage change. We need to manage and deploy resources responsibly. We expect to set the bar as the business partner that leads through best practices. Further, our own metric ensures we continue to operate under commercial business principles, while at the same time contributing to the sustainable development of the societies and institutions of tomorrow.

Taking on these long-term social, environmental and economic ambitions pledges us to a series of work commitments that drive how we think, manage and act as an organisation.

We are a community asset. We engage our stakeholders and broader society to translate social trends and aspirations to services reality. Stations become transport and community hubs that provide seamless connectivity and a travel experience that extends lifestyle between destinations.

We seek social inclusion. Station premises are continuously improved to facilitate barrier-free use for the disabled and those in need of assistance. We provide travel concessions annually to a broad spectrum of social groups and we practise employment policies that reflect non-discrimination and ethical behaviour towards employees.

We are a self-sustaining rail transport business. The rail plus property business model gives us the financial capability to build a mass transit network and price rail services competitively. We commercialise our property portfolio and station assets to accrue additional income.

In new markets and projects, we adapt the rail plus property business model to localise and leverage economic value.

We encourage the best in people and demand the optimum in processes. Continuous improvement drives our work culture. We value creativity and best efforts from our people. We establish safe and healthy work environments. We collaborate with our supply chain to push innovation and optimise resources deployment.

We operate under the highest standards in governance. We are accountable and transparent with clear internal controls and protocol. Corporate policies and codes guide responsible workplace practices and behaviours.

We demand the best of systems’ performance to safeguard effectiveness of purpose and quality of process. We ensure robustness of management systems and highest service standards in all our operations.

We share core competencies and values. Partnering with our supply chain generates innovation and secures specified outcomes. Our international operations increasingly demonstrate measurable performance improvements with the adoption of our core competencies. We share our expertise in mainland China to raise the bar in local rail transport infrastructure and services.

We plan and build to serve the needs of the future. We envision the co-generated future of high regional connectivity between residential communities and commercial centres. We work with policy makers, urban planners and influential social groups to realise this future.

We build in resilience of assets and services to evolve with societal development.

We contribute positively to cities’ low carbon futures. We respect the natural environment and the prudent use of social and economic resources in our operations. We plan and manage to best efficiency and, where possible, improve resources for future generations.

The many stories and the insights included in this site demonstrate these commitments and the actions taken to make them workplace realities.