We define competitive advantage as the synergies created through the interaction of cost-based leadership (enterprise risk management), corporate focus -- strategy (vision, mission and values) and differentiation -- value added (stakeholder engagement and corporate reputation management). Sustainability works across these core dynamics to drive the progress from a status quo organisation to a thriving, responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate strategy
While our rail + property business model provides the proven model for sustainability in Hong Kong, we acknowledge that successful business in mainland China (and other developing economies) requires a different set of challenges and risks that necessitate innovation in partnering, planning, financing and delivery. Working with the dynamics of competitive advantage as a guiding strategy, we approach each opportunity within the framework of "best solution for purpose" based on the new set of enterprise risks, corporate reputation factors and stakeholder engagement practices. This gives rise to an internal flexibility in how we apply the rail + property model to the investment structure so as to deliver the optimal solution for business partners without diminishing the opportunity of sustainable best practice. Recent projects in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai illustrate this approach and the working application of competitive advantage.

Strategic vision
Our corporate focus is expressed through the Diamond Strategic Vision. This serves as the roadmap to develop a corporate strategy which pointedly includes sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility as cornerstones. In 2004 a new core value, enterprising spirit, was introduced to encourage competitive advantage practices across the company . It empowers employees to take initiatives, manage risk and find creative solutions to the challenges of the workplace. While enhancing ongoing initiatives such as the Work Improvement Teams (WIT), the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) and the Project Partnering programme, new workplace programmes include the implementation of Knowledge Portals and Virtual Teams to apply Knowledge Management.











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