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Sustainability Report 2017



Our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) underpin our success as they guide our activities to achieve our goal to connect and grow communities with caring service.

Our Hong Kong business is organised into four areas: Transport Operations, Station Commercial Businesses, Property and Other Businesses, and Network Expansions. Our subsidiaries and associates overseas build, operate and maintain railway systems and provide related services in the Mainland of China, Australia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In the Mainland of China, we are also involved in leasing retail space, providing estate management services and developing properties.

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We aim to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service.
We will
  • Strengthen our Hong Kong corporate citizen reputation
  • Grow and enhance our Hong Kong core businesses
  • Accelerate our success in the Mainland and internationally
  • Inspire, engage and develop our staff
Excellent Service
We anticipate, listen and respond to customer needs and provide a safe, effective and caring service.
Value Creation
We create profit and community goodwill through growth, effective execution, continuous improvement and innovation.
Mutual Respect
We work internally and externally in a collaborative environment based on trust, joint commitment and respect.
Enterprising Spirit
We question the status quo, proactively seek improvement and take ownership to overcome obstacles.

49.1% Share of total franchised public transport boardings in Hong Kong


Share of total franchised public transport boardings in Hong Kong

96,000 Residential units managed in Hong Kong


Residential units managed in Hong Kong

772,000m2 Commercial and office space managed in Hong Kong

772,000 m2

Commercial and office space managed in Hong Kong

33rd Rank in FORTUNE’s Change The World List – 2017


Rank in FORTUNE’s Change The World List – 2017

The capital-intensive nature of the railway business has traditionally posed a challenge to securing the necessary financing needed to operate and grow. We rely on sustainable and stable financing streams, including fares, to ensure we can consistently provide the best service to our customers through continuous capital investments in maintenance and upgrades across our business. We view it as our duty to generate value for a variety of stakeholders including profits for our various shareholders. Our value added and distribution statement illustrates our contributions throughout the year. The affordability of our services is important to us as we continue providing on-going and fixed-term promotions and concessions which target particular passenger segments.

Members of our Board and Executive Committee work together to ensure that MTR is well-managed in the interests of all its stakeholders. After formulating the strategic vision and direction of the Corporation, the Board of Directors tasks Executive Committee Members with the development and implementation of policies and systems to drive MTR forward in its sustainable growth which contributes to the development of our communities both in Hong Kong and abroad. Our subsidiaries and associates regularly report on their compliance with management practices and the governance structure annually.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

In 2017, we have further refined our Corporate Responsibility Policy to align with the focus areas of the Corporation when it comes to our social and environmental impacts. It provides guidance for the development and implementation of our sustainability initiatives with the ultimate aim of maintaining our position as a responsible business that contributes to society. Supported by our sustainable financial model, to us, corporate responsibility is about operating safely and responsibly in all aspects of our business and contributing positively to the development of our communities.

Our policy is further supplemented by a number of corporate policies and statements covering issues considered highly material to our stakeholders.