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Sustainability Report 2017

Lincoln Leong Kwok-kuen


Lincoln Leong Kwok-kuen

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MTR’s focus has always been on connecting and growing communities with caring service. Corporate responsibility is a vital factor in all our activities in providing safe and efficient mobility and community-oriented retail and residential developments. Keeping our Corporate Responsibility Policy in mind, MTR’s colleagues worldwide work collectively to deliver our strategy and serve our customers in line with our Vision, Mission and Values.

We serve over 12 million passengers every weekday; 5.76 million of them are in Hong Kong, our home city. We are proud of what we have achieved and continue to be committed to serving Hong Kong, working hard to realise the Rail Gen 2.0 initiatives to deliver greater convenience for our customers. Leveraging the knowledge acquired in Hong Kong, MTR has expanded globally and is now operating in the Mainland of China, Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. With the beginning of MTR Pendeltågen operations in Sweden in December 2016, we are now that country’s largest rail operator in terms of passenger volume.

Alongside our rail operations, we develop new communities around the railway by building residential blocks, shopping centres and recreational space with convenient connections to the railway. Besides transforming and energising the local communities, this “Railway plus Property” model ensures financial sustainability of the Corporation which is crucial in enabling us to upgrade existing railway assets and to expand the railway network further to provide safe, efficient and quality services, and at the same time keeping fares at affordable levels.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy guides our approach in addressing our impacts on the environment and contribution to surrounding communities, as we continue to enhance and expand our business in and outside of Hong Kong. In addition to the environmental management and monitoring plans implemented throughout the life cycle of our projects and operations, we are constantly in search of opportunities to further improve our emissions performance and our long-term resilience to the effects of climate change.

For example, our train’s regenerative braking system allows us to turn kinetic energy from trains braking into electricity for use by nearby trains, and at the South Island Line (East), an extra electricity storage system allows surplus electricity to be stored for future use. We also work with our business partners, suppliers and relevant stakeholders to help us realise our vision of being a leading responsible and sustainable business. Being one of the earliest issuers in Hong Kong, MTR’s Green Bond is a case in point. Continuing from the success of our inaugural issuance in 2016, we issued an additional five Green Bond private placements in 2017. Going forward, we will continue this effort when market conditions are suitable.

We consciously listen to communities that we serve to ensure that we meet their needs. We placed great efforts in enhancing barrier-free access to our stations ensuring that all passengers are able to travel with ease. In 2017, we have created breastfeeding space in the staff rest rooms located at 20 interchange stations and will continue to make suitable enhancement going forward. With the vision of growing together with the communities we serve, under the Community Connect platform, we extend our caring service to our communities through outreach initiatives, art and culture programmes and activities to promote green and healthy living. We have been actively engaging the next generation through specially tailored programmes aimed at empowering them with skills, motivation, and opportunities as they enter the workforce.

Beyond our physical assets, our colleagues are truly our most important resource as they maintain and enhance the safe, efficient service we enjoy every day. Many of our colleagues choose to stay with us for long periods, a testament to our commitment to building an open, inclusive, positive and rewarding workplace. In recognition of our efforts, MTR was named the most attractive employer in Hong Kong SAR at the Randstad Employer Brand Awards 2017. We are leveraging the experience we hold today to build future capacity through the MTR Academy, a hub for rail and rail-related best practices serving a wider audience in Hong Kong and beyond, assisting other regions as they develop their rail infrastructure.