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Sustainability Report 2017

Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang


Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang

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It has been another exciting and delightful year at MTR. I am proud to serve as Chairman in a company which has a central role to play in the lives of many communities. As MTR builds vibrant spaces and connects people and places with an expanding railway network, the communities where we operate grow and transform. Through our operations, we aim to enhance the liveability of our cities as attractive places to live, work and thrive.

MTR is keenly aware of our wider corporate social responsibility given our wide footprint in society, connecting people to where they work, study and play. In all of our processes in the course of constructing, operating and maintaining the railway network, we take our environmental impacts into account to ensure that we build long-term low carbon and resilient mobility and green infrastructure that support sustainable development. Indeed, in an increasingly urbanised world, transport and infrastructure play a vital role in the sustainable development of our cities. According to a study published by the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 60% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas by 2030, with 41 mega-cities with 10 million inhabitants or more . Providing mobility for the masses while minimising carbon footprint is a real challenge.

Steadfast to the objective of helping our communities thrive, MTR’s mission is to build resilient and adaptive infrastructure to serve for the long term which will enhance the liveability of the places we operate. Planning for this time horizon requires that we actively assess the physical and indirect climate risks on our operations, and continue to invest in smart technologies and innovate for emission reduction. Customer centricity is also vital and we continuously roll out new digital solutions such as mobile app functions and e-payment options. MTR is committed to making continuous investment in the railway network to better serve our customers and the generations to come.

As we expand our network in Hong Kong and overseas, we work closely with the government, local communities and our partners to provide people-oriented services and liveable spaces that will best serve the interest of society. Transparency and communication with our customers and the community are central to MTR’s continued success. From the senior management team to our station assistants, we rely on each employee to communicate with customers and members in society.

As a good corporate citizen, MTR also leverages on our skills, asset and resources to support different segments in the communities where we operate. In 2017, on top of the various community engagement programmes we have been running, we launched the inaugural STEM Challenge through which secondary school students can learn about how STEM knowledge is applied to solve societal problems, present their vision for a sustainable and inclusive community and the winning teams will have the opportunity to visit MTR’s operations in Sweden. Through consistent engagement programmes and open dialogue, we listen to our stakeholders from different backgrounds to improve our performance, grow and support our communities.

As MTR connects and builds homes, commercial, retail and recreational spaces, we ensure that the cities where we operate can grow and prosper, and that our operations contribute to a positive life for all. Our efforts in this area have received international recognition as we were the only Hong Kong company included in the 2017 FORTUNE “Change the World” Top 50 companies list. In addition, MTR won the inaugural “Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2016/2017” organised by the Hong Kong Management Association. In the coming year, as we are gearing up to commencing in September the operation of the Express Rail Link connecting Hong Kong to the vast high speed rail network in the Mainland of China, I am excited to invite all our stakeholders to embark on the journey of creating a more sustainable and liveable environment.