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Sustainability Report 2017


Every promise we deliver to our customers and the community is supported by our committed and dedicated team. While we build and maintain resilient railways, tracks, depots and buildings, it is our employees who bring our assets to life every day, each of them inspired to achieve excellence with a positive attitude to meet our customer's expectations. Our trains run up to 19 hours every day and with the concerted efforts of our employees, maintenance and upgrading works are completed after service hours ensuring that all our assets are in good condition for the opening of service the next day.

Our Code of Conduct highlights the trust our stakeholders place in us and guides employees at all levels to uphold our Vision, Mission and Values through practical advice on acceptable behaviour during situations that may arise in our daily work.

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7.1 Average training days per employee in Hong Kong


Average training days per employee in Hong Kong

4.5% Voluntary staff turnover in Hong Kong


Voluntary staff turnover in Hong Kong

7,800+ Two-way communication sessions organised in 2017 in Hong Kong


Two-way communication sessions organised in 2017 in Hong Kong

Our strategies, policies and practices aim to create an engaging and inclusive working environment, encourage healthy debate and innovation, support professional and personal development, and promote the well-being of all employees. We are committed to building healthy, stable and harmonious relationships with our employees encouraging them to voice their views through a diverse set of communication systems including our well established Staff Consultation Mechanism and the Enhanced Staff Communication Programme.

To ensure we are able to meet future operational needs for skilled and experienced talent, we initiated and participate in a number of apprenticeship programmes. We also nurture our employees through training and development programmes catered to their varied needs at different career stages to help them keep abreast of the latest trends in their professions, manage advances in technology and respond to constant evolutions in our business environment.

We are replicating our success in Hong Kong through a global strategy revolving around corporate culture development, talent management, and human capital mobility and development. Our Global Resource Pool ensures that we are able to efficiently deploy talent overseas to exchange knowledge and expertise with our overseas colleagues.

Empowering our Employees

Empowering our EmployeesOur corporate culture emphasizes the importance of empowering our employees to propose innovative ideas and take ownership of decision-making. The Work Improvement Team embodies this philosophy motivating employees to apply their own initiative, innovative thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills to develop work improvement projects. Practiced in Hong Kong for 29 years, this approach has been adopted by subsidiaries and associates. There are now nearly 350 teams established outside of Hong Kong, involving nearly 3,000 participants.