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Community Investment


Supporting the Community

As set out in our Corporate Responsibility Policy, we are dedicated to contributing positively to the communities we serve. We leverage our resources and expertise to build sustainable community hubs, with the aim of attaining seamless connections and community prosperity. Throughout our railway and property development process, we actively engage with relevant stakeholders and impacted communities to understand and address their concerns and needs. This people-oriented approach enables us to create a positive and inclusive environment.

Being an integral part of the city, we work to create a vibrant civil society through proactive community investment. In addition to financial and in-kind contributions to non-profit and charitable organisations, we encourage staff volunteering and initiate community programmes in support of diverse social segments including the youth and the elderly. Through our extensive community programmes, we aspire to realise our vision of being a leading responsible and sustainable corporation in Hong Kong.

Community Connect

With our robust corporate culture in place, our “Community Connect” serves as a platform for a variety of initiatives supporting everyone from the young to the elderly while enhancing the liveability of our city. Embedded in all our carefully developed programmes is an enduring commitment to nurturing the communities we serve to build and foster a sustainable Hong Kong.

Community Investment Programmes

We actively invest in community programmes benefiting different social segments such as children, the youth and the elderly to address their evolving needs. As young people are our future leaders, innovators and game changers, we adopt a multi-faceted approach to support youth development to help them develop their potential. Throughout the years, various youth empowerment programmes, including STEM Challenge and 'Train' for Life's Journeys, have been organised to equip young individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience for success. As a bilateral communication channel, our Youth Forum enables us to incorporate the views of the younger generation during our decision-making process. To express our gratitude to the elderly for their invaluable contributions to the society we reach out to them on a regular basis.

Leveraging Our Skills and Assets

At MTR, we focus our activities where we can leverage our strengths and business to grow and support the communities we serve. We mobilise our infrastructure and human capital via staff volunteering and collaboration with non-governmental organisations and social enterprises to build a more connected city. We integrate art into our station architecture and facilitate artists to stage their art-related activities or displays in our stations and malls, acting as community art galleries to enhance the travel experience. We strive to contribute our skills and assets to create a supportive and vibrant city where everyone can enjoy a positive and engaging lifestyle.

Staff Volunteering

As an organisation deeply ingrained into our communities, we are strongly motivated to contribute to their sustainable development. Our employees regularly contribute their own time to organise and participate in various volunteering activities. To support our employees to serve Hong Kong, the “More Time Reaching Community” Scheme was established in 2005, which provides funding and support for our staff volunteers to organise community projects. The volunteering activities are open to current employees and their families and friends as well as MTR retirees.

MTR Academy

MTR pays attention to the growing demand for highly capable railway-related professionals both within and outside of Hong Kong. Established in 2016, the MTR Academy serves as a global training hub for railway management and operation. Through its tailor-made curriculum, the MTR Academy nurtures future railway executives and professionals, equipping them with top skills and capabilities and keeping them up to date with the best practices of their railway counterparts worldwide. Our strategic role in nurturing talent will contribute to the advancement of service and operational excellence of the railway industry in Hong Kong and beyond.