Railway Protection

Railway Protection Boundary

As a general guide, the boundary of the railway protection areas, the "Railway Protection Boundary", is about 30 m outside the outer surface of the railway structures or the railway fence/wall, or from the nearest rail if there is no railway fence/wall, but it encompasses the whole of any lot where any part thereof lies within the 30 m distance. At the railway stations, the area enclosed by the boundary is more extensive.

The railway protection areas shown on Railway Protection Plans of Tsuen Wan Line, Kwun Tong Line, Island Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, Tung Chung Line, Airport Express, West Rail Line, Disneyland Resort Line and the section of East Rail Line from Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau are described as area number 3 in the Schedule 5 to the Buildings Ordinance. By this ground investigation works and underground drainage works to be carried out within this area are included as building works and thus are subject to approval of plans and consent from the Building Authority before the works can commence.

The Railway Protection Plans are deposited in the Land Registry. Copies of Railway Protection Plans are available for inspection at the Buildings Department and from the Railway Protection & Land Survey Section of the MTR Corporation.

ˇ§Control of Building Plansˇ¨ which have been gazetted for the protection of railway route during the construction of new railway extension and line (i.e. Shatin to Central, etc.) can be accessed in the Highways Department website.

Upon completion and operation of the new railway extension / line, relevant railway protection area will be updated accordingly. For enquiry on the railway protection boundary of new railway extensions / lines that are not yet available on the "link" above, please click here and contact the corresponding railway protection engineer.

Please click here to view the railway-related facilities under settlement monitoring within railway protection areas. The MTR Corporation will upload latest information when there are changes in the railway-related facilities under settlement monitoring, updates in the settlement limit for suspension or when the latest settlement level exceeds the limit for suspension. (Last updated: 1 September 2019)

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