e-Payment Service at Customer Centre

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Pay as you go

Project Description

e-Payment service (including contactless bank card, Octopus and QR code) was launched on 11 December 2023 in the Customer Centres at all MTR Heavy Rail stations. In addition to existing cash payment, passengers can choose different e-payment options for purchasing Monthly Pass, City Saver, Tuen Mun – Nam Cheong Day Pass and MTR Souvenir, etc..

Upgrade Automatic Fare Collection System - New Gates

Project Description

New gates installation in MTR heavy rail stations commenced in March 2023. The new gates with slimmer feature are more spacious, thus providing a wider walkway to enhance passenger comfort. New gates are also equipped with four payment functions – Octopus, Single Journey Ticket, QR code and contactless bank card payment, bringing further convenience to passengers who can pay fares at gates directly. Contactless bank card payment for MTR rides was launched in phases starting from 23 December 2023. Passengers can tap their contactless credit card/debit card or devices such as smartphones and smart watches with payment enabled with these cards at the credit card readers on the gates. The number of entry/exit gates providing the new payment function will also be gradually increased. The entire asset renewal plan for the automatic fare collection system is expected to be completed in 2028 with all gates across the MTR network fully enhanced.