Network Improvements

Train Improvement Works - Procurement of 40 New Light Rail Vehicles

Phase-5 Light Rail Vehicles

The Corporation has procured new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) with over $700 million to replace the 30 existing Phase 2 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) and expand the fleet with an extra 10 LRVs. The first batch of new LRVs arrived in Hong Kong in 2019 and the operational fleet size will progressively increase to 150 in 2023. Phase-5 LRVs are furnished with an improved LED lighting system to enhance saloon ambience and more passenger seats (compared with Phase-2 LRVs). The handrail and strap hanger arrangements are also improved.

The new LRVs will go through a series of tests both at the manufacturer’s factory and after delivery to Hong Kong. They are also required to pass all the required safety and performance tests and obtain approval from the relevant Government departments before they can enter into passenger service. The first batch of LRVs had entered into service in November 2020.