Protecting the Environment

Balancing the delivery of our service and the growth of our business with the protection and restoration of the environment for future generations

We understand the interdependency between our operations and the natural environment and it is our aim to become one of the most resource-efficient and ecologically sustainable railways and property service providers in the world.

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, protecting important natural habitats and taking steps to mitigate any negative impacts of our operations.

We have a range of systems and checks in place to ensure that we are doing the utmost to manage our impact on the environment. In addition to conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) before we embark on new projects, our group-wide Environmental Management System helps us identify and manage material environmental risks throughout the life cycle of our assets. In the property sector, adopting the internationally recognised BEAM Plus and LEED green building accreditation schemes demonstrates our commitment to keeping pace with the growing global demand for sustainable building design, construction, operations and maintenance. We have made it a mandatory requirement for all our new residential property developments to achieve BEAM Plus Gold certification as a minimum.

We established a Climate Change Policy in 2006 that recommends initiatives to reduce our energy and resource use in all railway operations and related properties. Our goal is to proactively manage climate change risks while ensuring the climate resilience of our assets.

We are working to reduce carbon emissions generated through the construction of new lines. Our railway operations have also set a target to reduce by 21 percent the amount of electricity consumed per passenger-kilometre by 2020 compared to 2008 levels. In the buildings we developed and manage, we are taking steps towards being more energy efficient. MTR is a signatory to the Hong Kong Energy Saving Charter and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Manifesto for Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

We continue to monitor the risks from climate change and review the effectiveness of our mitigation and adaptation measures to ensure our assets and our operations are resilient to climate change effects.