Application of QR Code for Travel on the MTR (Contract No.: CR100-18E)


Prequalification Invitation


Application of QR Code for Travel on the MTR
 Contract No.:


MTR Corporation Limited invites qualified companies to express their interest in tendering for the application of QR code for travel on the MTR rail network.


MTR Corporation Limited plans to introduce QR code based payments directly at its existing Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates. Passengers will be required to pre-generate a QR based transit code prior to entering / exiting the paid areas of the MTR Stations. At both the entry and exit gates, passengers will be required to present their QR code and the information collected will be used for journey construction and fare calculation. Charging of the fare will be based on a travel first and pay afterwards mechanism. Interested parties should have a Stored Value Facility (SVF) License or shall be a Payment Card Scheme Operator recognised by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The Contract includes two packages. The first package includes the appointment of an exclusive partner to fund and build the electronic payment system at the existing AFC gates. The second package includes the submission of a proposal to use their QR code payment services at the existing AFC gates.


The prequalification process for the tender will take place in May 2018 and tenders will be invited in August 2018.


In order to be considered for prequalification, interested parties having relevant resources, qualifications and experience are requested to express their interest on or before 1 June 2018 via the MTR Corporation Limited’s E-Tendering System. 


Upon expression of interest, the applicants will receive an invitation of prequalification via the E-Tendering System.  The applicants shall complete and submit all information and details as required in the invitation via the E-Tendering System no later than 2:00pm (Hong Kong Time) on 6 June 2018.


For applicants registered under the E-Tendering System, please click the following link and log into the System for expression of interest:


For applicants not registered under the E-Tendering System, please click the following link and search for the advertisement notice of this Contract for expression of interest:


All invitations and submissions for prequalification and tender will be carried out through the E-Tendering System at


Applicants responding to this advertisement are deemed to have complied with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in the collection and transfer of personal data to MTR Corporation Limited. All information submitted including personal data, will be used by the MTR Corporation Limited for the prequalification of tenderers for this Contract.


For enquiries, please contact Mr. C.M. Chan, Senior Contracts Engineer on (852) 3929 3329 or by fax at (852) 2993 7773.