MTR Academy
MTR Academy

Accredited Programmes

To nurture more railway talents, MTR Academy has launched two accredited programmes. Through these programmes, students can deepen their knowledge on railway engineering and transport operations.

    Advanced Diploma in Railway Engineering

    To provide students with the essential knowledge and practical skills in railway engineering, the 2-year part-time programme (Qualification Framework Level 4) not only covers the theoretical aspects of railway engineering, but also focuses on the practical training for railway engineering. The programme provides four elective streams, namely Power Distribution, Signal and Communications, Permanent Way and Rolling Stock.

    Advanced Diploma in Transport Operations and Management

    Coupling academic knowledge with professional skills, the 2-year part-time programme (Qualification Framework Level 4) is structured to cover the operations and management of various transport systems in an integrated manner.

    Diploma in Transport Studies

    To equip students with a broad understanding of operations and maintenance activities in transportation systems, the 1-year part-time programme (Qualification Framework Level 3) covers the theoretical aspect of transport operations and management and engineering.

Master Programme

MTR Academy supports teaching delivery on railway-specific subjects for the MSc in Electrical Engineering (Railway Systems) awarded by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This programme provides a keyhole view for the local engineering graduates to peer into the unique and all-encompassing world of the railway engineering industry and its practices.