MTR Academy
MTR Academy

Corporate Services

By extending our rail expertise from Hong Kong to “Belt and Road” countries and beyond, the Academy strives to raise the performance of the railway industry as well as support the Belt and Road Initiative through our corporate services.

Executive & Professional Programmes

Designed to provide a holistic experience on excellence in railway operations for executives of railway operators, organisations and authorities worldwide, the suite of weeklong programmes offers exciting opportunities to learn, interact and network for the participants to gear themselves up for the demands and challenges in their own workplaces.

Executive Certificate in Asset Management (ECAM)

ECAM focuses on Asset Management principles and the application examples on Asset Management System on railways to demonstrate reliability improvement and cost effectiveness. It is particularly suitable for the executives, managers and engineers of infrastructure asset owners, custodians and maintainers.

Executive Certificate in Railway Operations Management (ECROM)

ECROM looks into the essential management elements of railway operations through the sharing of best practices and experiences in a successful railway system, pursuing service excellence under high public transport demand and public expectation. The programme is designed for executives, managers and decision-makers of railway operators and authorities.

Professional Certificate in Operations and Engineering for Railway Service Provisions (PCOER)

PCOER is intended to fast-track the emerging railway professionals by providing intensive understanding and analysis of the crucial operations and engineering components attributing to reliable, efficient and safe operations of railway services. It places equal emphasis on the management of operations processes and engineering systems and highlights their impacts on the service quality.

Graduates from PCOER will find smooth articulation to either the Executive Certificate in Railway Operations Management (ECROM) or Executive Certificate in Asset Management (ECAM) programmes in their later stage of career. A privileged incentive will be available exclusively for PCOER graduates who progress to ECROM or ECAM.

Thematic Programme

Participants can learn MTR's approaches, processes and knowledge for attaining success in the different thematic programmes. The thematic programmes cover the priority topics of railway executives.

Rail Transit Excellence Community

The Rail Transit Excellence Community aims to be a multi-faceted platform for railway operators of One Belt One Road countries to network and facilitate collaborative efforts in pursuit of rail transit best practices, management systems and operational excellence.

Customised Training Programmes (CTP)

The MTR Academy offers training programmes tailored to the specific needs of clients.