MTR Academy
MTR Academy


MTR Academy aims to introduce the railway industry to students for their future career development and further studies planning by offering applied learning and railway related short courses.

Applied Learning

The “Railway Studies” course is launched as an Applied Learning subject under the HKDSE curriculum for senior secondary school students. This course covers safety in railways, railway technology and railway operations. MTR Academy supports the course as a Knowledge Partner, providing content, facilities and teaching staff.

Short Courses

MTR Academy has launched specific short courses whereby secondary schools can arrange exclusive classes for their students.

Railway 101 for Secondary Schools

The programme gives a broad overview of the railway operation with real-life equipment and a fully functional railway system network model. The programme is rounded off with the student jumping into the shoes of a train driver. Participants will gain an appreciation of the working in railway.

Railway-Intro Series for Secondary Schools

MTR Academy developed six modules on topics relating to railway systems and operations for secondary school students. These modules provide real-life examples of engineering applications and the working environment in a railway.