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Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Mapping Our Way

Artwork Title:
Mapping Our Way

Artist Name:
Talley Fisher (USA)

Artwork Location:

Artist's Concept:
“Mapping Our Way” is based on imagery derived from the MTR system map. The four transit lines that serve Admiralty Station converge in this monumental suspended sculpture. Sections of the MTR system map were used to create four different sculptural elements, or “maps” that are hung along “tracks”, representing the actual lines coming in and out of Admiralty Station. The “maps” are painted in each of the four-line colours that interchange at Admiralty Station. These elements can also be thought of as individuals, connected to each other by riding the same trains to and from the station.

When viewing the intersections of the four lines, it becomes evident how the paths of individuals cross, adding a touch of humanity to the artwork. The perforated “maps” create a moire pattern effect when viewed moving up or down the escalators below, generating movement within the static sculpture. The elements run along the “tracks” in a forced perspective, meaning they are larger on one end and scaled down to a smaller element on the other. This gives the illusion of the train lines moving closer to, or farther away from the viewer. This sense of movement is analogous to the way people traverse their journeys through life.

The sculpture not only refers to the actual transit lines and the journeys of many people every day, but also reflects the “personal map” that one carries within oneself. We are all individuals, with our own interests and perspectives, yet we are often going to the same places and encountering many others along the way.

Artist: Talley Fisher

Talley Fisher is an internationally renowned artist from Pennsylvania USA, specializing suspended sculpture for public, corporate and private spaces. Her elegant and positive sculptures abstractly reference nature inspired themes such as stars, leaves, petals or waves, or more industrial or architectural themes. Each of Talley’s sculptures is a simultaneous reflection of her wild admiration for nature and innate appreciation for materials and machines, the literal nuts and bolts, which allow her to bend the rules of physics and push the limits of imagination in every piece she creates.