Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
A Flower in Blossom

Artwork Title:
A Flower in Blossom

Artist Name:
Qiu Deshu

Form of Artwork:
Mosaic Mural

Artwork Location:
Prince Edward Station - Lower platform

Artist's Concept:
As an international metropolis, Hong Kong is like a brilliant self-restrained eternal flower.

The artistic conception of the painter is "independent mentality, unique skills and creative style". Buoyed by this conception, the painter has kept pursuing his unique artistic style. Eventually, he found "fission" technique and took it as his "unique skill" in art.

"Fission" technique grows with Chinese culture. One day in 1982, the painter happened to find "fission" on a common old slate. Through refinement and improvement in the past 20 years, this eventually became his philosophic and artistic language and became a unique "fission art". Painting created using fission lines is natural and cannot be imitated by others.

The painter uses this fission language to portray blooming flowers and portray the beauty of nature. He uses unique techniques to convey the best side of life to pedestrians and visitors in Hong Kong.

A Flower in Blossom