Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Sense of Green

Artwork Title:
Sense of Green

Artist Name:
Tony Ip (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Admiralty Station – Harcourt Garden

Form of Artwork:
Reinforce Concrete & Metal Tubes

Artwork Completion Date:
December 2017

Artist's Concept:
Situated on the southern bank of Victoria Harbour in the heart of Harcourt Garden, Sense of Green is a multi-purpose sculpture that is inspired by and dedicated to the movement of air.
Externally, it comprises of several hundred bamboo-like poles that stand in the prevailing wind. As the wind increases in speed, the poles flex and bend to become stronger. The contrasting colours of the poles reflect their exposure to the wind, the paler the colour, the more frequent it has been touched by the wind.
Internally, the sculpture conceals a ventilation shaft for MTR Admiralty Station below. When viewed from the surrounding high-rise buildings above, the sculpture takes on yet another dimension – that of a super-sized potted plant that sits within the garden.
Sense of Green is an oasis of calm in the urban jungle of Hong Kong. Artist: Tony Ip
Tony Ip is a sustainable design architect and urban designer. He studied engineering, architecture and urban design at the University of Hong Kong and interdisciplinary design for the built environment at the University of Cambridge. Tony received the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architect Award 2010 and the EcoStar Award 2014.
Tony’s well-recognised research papers on urban living with sky gardens and green neighbourhoods have been presented at leading international sustainable design conferences; while his artworks reflecting on urban ecology have been shown in local and overseas exhibitions. Tony's art installations were exhibited in Venice Architecture Biennale Exhibition 2016.

Sense of Green

Early design rendering of Artwork – Sense of Green