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Beginning of Journey

Artwork Title:
Beginning of Journey

Artist Name:
Yoichi Takada

Artwork Location:
Tung Chung Line Concourse, Tsing Yi Station

Form of Artwork:
A three-dimensional wind driven kinetic sculpture made of lightweight metal and fabric

The suspended artwork occupies a spherical space of approximately seven meters in diameter. It comprises six white and yellow fabric sails each measuring approximately five meters in length mounted on a central diamond shape structure.

Artwork Completion Date:
4 September 2006

Artwork Sponsor:
Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited
Hutchison Whampoa Limited
Citic Pacific Limited

Artist's Concept:
“Beginning of Journey” is a three-dimensional wind driven kinetic sculpture created by award-winning Japanese kinetic sculptor, Mr Yoichi Takada. Made of metal and fabric that is suspended from the ceiling of the Tung Chung Line Concourse. Inspired by ships stirred by a gentle breeze setting sail on a voyage, the artwork moves with the flow of air in the atrium.

The fabric sails of the kinetic sculpture move with the very gentle flow of air in the atrium generated by the environmental control system and the wind coming through the entrances. This flow of air is barely detectable by passengers and therefore the artwork has to be very light, well balanced and produced with precise craftsmanship for it to move. Prior to the design, the Artist collected a lot of wind movement data within the space and used the data to develop the design.

Beginning of Journey