Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Eight by Eight

Artwork Title:
Eight by Eight

Artist Name:
Bing Lee (China)

Artwork Location:
Kowloon Tong Station – External lift shaft & new interchange subway

Form of Artwork:
Two murals respectively on glass and VE panels 11m(h) x3.5m(w) & 12m(l) x 1.6m(h)

Artwork Completion Date:
November 2003

Artist's Concept:
The concept of the design is based on "I-Ching" using eight Trigrams to generate a total of 64 symbols that relate to the fundamentals in Nature. Both works contains a number of emblematic pictograms neatly arranged in grids. The clustered images containing repeated elements tease the viewer to construct some kind of meaning. Although one may imagine connections between adjacent pictograms, interpretation of the whole or its parts remains elusive. The Artist favours the ambiguity embodied in art as existed in the use of symbols that had been much intimately connected to the kind of visual knowing before the invention of the written language. The Artist revitalizes the pictographic impulse that lies at the origin of our culture, through a modernized set of symbols drawn from his experiences and knowledge.

Eight by Eight