Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Flight of Fancy

Artwork Title:
Flight of Fancy

Artist Name:
Larry Kirkland (USA)

Artwork Location:
Hong Kong Station – In town check in hall

Form of Artwork:
Two suspended sculptures 10m(h) x 10m (l) x 8m (d) each

Artwork Completion Date:
July 1997

Artwork Sponsor:
Henderson Land Development Co. LTD

Artist's Concept:
'I have tried to make two works that are related but create a dialogue with each other across the interior space of Hong Kong Station. The works respect the style and detail of the architecture yet have their own presence within the space. The abstracted forms are taken from the building details of triangles, and bowed curves, as well as images I associated with my visit to the city. There are allusions to the building structure, travel, the sun and moon, cities and buildings, time and space, as well as the international graphic symbol for "here is the place – the centre".'

Flight of Fancy