Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
I Love North Point, North Point is my Home

Artwork Title:
I Love North Point, North Point is My Home

Artist Name:
Tao Ho and children of North Point (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
North Point Station – Entrance A

Form of Artwork:
Murals printed on decals 100m(l) x 2m(h)

Artwork Completion Date:
September 2001

Artist's Concept:
The work was conceived as a montage of the children's drawings, sketches and autographs to unfold their vision, love and respect for the local community.

The drawings for the art pieces were produced in a drawing carnival organized by the Corporation theaming in consistent with the title of the Artwork. Featuring different aspects of life and impressions of North Point, selected paintings were composed by the Artist into two large, creative images mounted on walls panels running alongside the 100-metre long entrance adit.

The mural represents a work of public art produced by the local residents creating a sense of ownership to the North Point community.

I Love North Point, North Point is my Home