Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture

Artwork Title:
Blooming Bud

Artist Name:
Lao U-kei and Lau Kung-wah (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Kennedy Town Station - Concourse

Form of Artwork:
Stainless Steel

Artwork Completion Date:
December 2014

Artist's Concept:
Today’s railway development is but a bud. Tomorrow’s Kennedy Town will be flourished fruit!

Created with the participation of local residents, “Blooming Bud” is designed to represent the past, present and future of Kennedy Town. As one of the winning pieces at a public art competition held in 2012, this artwork celebrates the opening of Kennedy Town Station.

At the centre of the split apple, the silhouettes of local youth depict the seeds – representing the future growth of Kennedy Town. On the skin of the apple, the handprints of local residents provide support to the growth and development of Kennedy Town. The highly polished finish reflects not only the interior of the station, but also the people that pass by. In a never-ending kaleidoscope of colour and pattern, the artwork is a permanent tribute to the people of Kennedy Town.