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Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Life in Mei Foo - Now and Then

Artwork Title:
Life in Mei Foo - Now and Then

Artist Name:
Ng Yuen Wa (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Mei Foo Station – New interchange subway

Form of Artwork:
4 sets of mural paintings on VE panels 4m(l) x 1.6m(h) each

Artwork Completion Date:
November 2003

Artist's Concept:
The sixteen panels will be divided into two main parts according to their themes, one part is about the past of Mei Foo and the other illustrates the life of the Mei Foo residents at the present moment. These two main parts can be subdivided into four groups, each group consisting of four panels:

The first group, On the Night of the Mid-Autumn Festival , depicts how the Mei Foo residents used to share their love and joy at the podium under the full moon at the Mid-Autumn Festival.;

The second group, centred on the theme of Memory of the Seashore, brings the viewers back to a time when there was a wonderful seashore at the Mei Foo Sun Chuen. With a touch of nostalgia, this group of works highlights the sublime seascape and the serene atmosphere of the Mei Foo Sun Chuen.

The Mei Foo residents depicted in the third group, Apartment in the Starry Metropolitan, enjoy the glittering night scene of this prosperous metropolitan – Hong Kong – through gazing out of their apartment windows, while they are resting in their apartments after a day of work.

In Mei Foo, a piece of land has been reclaimed from the sea and a park with different kinds of recreational facilities is built on the reclamation area. The fourth group of work, entitled A Delightful Weekend, focuses on the recreational activities of the Mei Foo residents taking place in the park.

Life in Mei Foo - Now and Then