Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
People passing by, people lazing by

Artwork Title:
People passing by, people lazing by

Artist Name:
Rosanna Wei Han Li (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Yau Tong Station –Entrance A

Form of Artwork:
A group of six ceramic sculptures

Artwork Completion Date:
January 2005

Artist's Concept:
"Slow down and relax; Eat heartily and be glad; Spend more...OR less; Live without regrets"

The group of life-size ceramic figures at MTR Yau Tong Station comprises six figures, three standing up and three sitting down leisurely together. Each is engaged in a different activity - one talking on the mobile phone, one eating doughnuts, one feeding the birds, one holding an umbrella and a paper fan to fence off the heat, one shopping and one embracing a book and pondering over what it says...

The creation of these figures was inspired by my observations of people passing in and out of the station. I was particularly attracted by people hanging about or lingering around in a relaxed and easy manner in the forecourt outside the station. Some of them were sitting there, reading, pondering, waiting or simply chatting with each other.

The art piece was also inspired by the visual images of the graphic murals along the corridors and escalators of the Lei Yue Mun Estate Arcade located right above the station, which illustrate people enjoying life at leisure: shopping, eating and drinking. My sculptures are intended to reflect these qualities of life in the Yau Tong neighbourhood and to remind Hong Kong people to slow down, relax and enjoy life.

Amongst the group of ceramic sculptures are two stools and one small round table. They are for people who have time to spare or who are waiting for someone. I hope the group of sculptures may also serve as a meeting point for MTR passengers and people living in the neigbourhood.

People passing by, people lazing by