Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture

Artwork Title:

Artist Name:
Liu Tung-mui

Artwork Location:
Platform level, MTR Jordan Station

Artwork Completion Date:
February 2007

A mosaic mural consists of over 50,000 pieces of mosaic tiles.

Artwork Theme:
The persimmon tree bears fruit for harvest year after year. With courage and determination, one will achieve desired results, symbolising unfailing life and unyielding will power.

Artist's Concept:
One autumn, the artist Ms Liu saw persimmon trees. They were as red as fire. Autumn passes by and winter comes. Then the persimmon trees will bud with yellowish leaves when spring arrives. The trees will flourish to lush green in summer when they turn to golden red in autumn, it is time to harvest.

Ms Liu was inspired by the cyclical harvests of the persimmon trees. To reflect the whole process of their growth, she painted all the seasonal changes on this persimmon tree. It symbolises unfailing life and unyielding will power.