Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
River Flow

Artwork Title:
River Flow

Artist Name:
Mr Lee Yun-bok (South Korea)

Artwork Location:
Sheung Shui Station – Concourse Level

Form of Artwork:
Stainless Steel

Artwork Completion Date:
March 2014

Artist's Concept:
River Flow is inspired by the geographical characteristics of Sheung Shui.
The sculpture comprises a pair of streamlined forms together with 7 spheres resembling the flowing water and water droplets that echoes the history of Sheung Shui. Sheung Shui was once called the “City of Sheung Yue” because of its nourishing root: the Sheung Yue River (Beas River).
The sculpture depicts the water in motion: its energetic, unceasing and fluid movement; its soft, reflective and glittering qualities; its life-giving nature.

Me Lee Yun-bok

River Flow