Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Tea Pots, Bowls, Cups and Some Spoons

Artwork Title:
Tea Pots, Bowls, Cups and Some Spoons

Artist Name:
Mariko Jesse (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Cheung Sha Wan Station – Entrance adits

Form of Artwork:
8 groups of mural paintings on VE panels

Artwork Completion Date:
December 2002

Artist's Concept:
Teapots, bowls, cups and some spoons which is a light hearted and friendly look at what's in the kitchen cupboard, to reflect the nature of Cheung Sha Wan, a residential area.

The design concentrates on a few individual items such as teapots, cups and spoons of a very large scale, and draws attention to the importance of over-looked everyday things in life. With simplicity of shape, there can be a profusion of pattern and texture. Each object is made up of many tiles, which looked at on their own, can be very abstract, yet form a cohesive whole when looked at from a distance.

Tea Pots, Bowl, Cups and Some Spoons