Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
The Artificial Garden Rock #71

Artwork Title:
The Artificial Garden Rock #71

Artist Name:
Zhan Wang

Artwork Location:
Tai Koo Station concourse

Artwork completion date:
7 June 2006

Artist's concept:
Mr Zhan Wang used polished stainless steel to depict a garden rock more commonly used in traditional Chinese gardens, creating a contrast between the modern and the traditional.

Polished stainless steel reflects the colors in the surrounding environment and changes color as the environment changes. The polished, mirror-like stainless steel surface has a texture and form similar to a natural garden rock, which twists and breaks all images reflected, creating different types of illusions for people.

“The Artificial Garden Rock #71" is, as its title implies, the 71st such piece to be created by Mr Zhan. His works displayed all over the world, including China, Japan, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, the UK and the USA.

The Artificial Garden Rock #71