Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
The Pink Mountain and Landscape of Leisure

Artwork Title:
The Pink Mountain and Landscape of Leisure

Artist Name:
Chu Hing Wah (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Tiu Keng Leng Station - Concourse Level

Form of Artwork:
Two glass mosaic murals 2.8m (w) x 4m (h)

Artwork Completion Date:
July 2004

Artist's Concept:
"Landscape of Leisure"

Strolling in the beautiful countryside under the clear blue sky is attractively pleasing that obliterates all thoughts of unpleasantness "The Pink Mountain"

Country landscape simply depicted in soft and refreshing colours, bringing tranquility and soothes the mind

The two glass mosaic murals depict the scenery of the countryside, which is a familiar subject matter to many people. Landscape paintings, if created with realism, may not be able to impress the viewers as they are too common. However, if the elements in natural scenery are illustrated with an artistic or semi-abstract touch, they can bring out a familiar and yet special feeling, which will attract the viewers to look at the painting.

The two glass murals, reproduced from original paintings, aim to transform my vision of the landscape near Tiu Keng Leng Station from realistic to dream-like illustrations, creating a more beautiful, pleasant and refreshed feeling for the viewers. Simple forms are used to depict the sky, the mountain, the sea, the land and the greenery. Colours are bright and yet tender to the eyes (the colours used are different from the actual colours of the subject matters) so that they contribute to the dream-like atmosphere. The unique form of expression illustrates a feeling between reality and dream, opening them up to the viewers' imagination and interpretation.

MTR stations are functional and mechanical premises, where most passengers are in a hurry. I hope when they see these mural paintings along the way, they will be able to catch a glimpse of the serenity of the paintings and bring this comfortable feeling with them as they board the train or to wherever they are going.

The Pink Mountain and Landscape of Leisure