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Corporate Responsibility

Visions of "Dream Women" at MTR "arttube" Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 08.12.2014 - 07.02.2015
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The dream woman may exist only in dreams, but contemporary artist Mr Jeffrey Leung captures 12 possible visions in oil-on-canvas to depict the elegance and grace of women. Through the latest "art in mtr - arttube" exhibition at MTR Central Station, Mr Leung invites MTR passengers to meet his "Dream Women" and admire their beauty. The exhibition opens today (8 December 2014) and will run to 7 February 2015.

"My paintings use combinations of cool colours and hues to add emotion. All too often, I see people chasing after perfection, and yet, they neglect their emotions in the process. I hope that through my art, people can find the amazing, deep and real affection in their hearts," said Mr Leung.

"Art enriches our lives and offers us inspiration. We hope Mr Leung's visions of beauty will give MTR passengers a chance to pause, relax and reflect on the beauty that is all around us," said Ms May Wong, General Manager - Corporate Relations of MTR Corporation.

"Dream Women" is the latest in a regular series of "art in mtr - arttube" exhibitions. For more than 10 years through “arttube”, MTR Corporation has provided a platform for aspiring artists, designers and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community.

Contemporary artist Mr Jeffrey Leung invites MTR passengers to meet his visions of "Dream Women" captured in oil-on-canvas. The "Dream Women" exhibition is being held at "art in mtr - arttube" from today (8 December 2014) to 7 February 2015 at MTR Central Station (Entrance/Exit J).