Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Explore "Another Reality" through art-in-mtr "arttube" Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 14.06.2015 - 02.08.2015
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The world can be perceived in different ways, depending on each person’s perspective. Local artist Ms Tsang Ye-ye expresses her distinctive viewpoint by capturing dramatic juxtapositions between objects, light and shadows in the latest MTR "arttube" exhibition entitled "Another Reality".

From today (14 June 2015) to 2 August 2015, visitors to the "arttube" at MTR Central Station (Entrance/Exit J) will be able to appreciate 29 emotional and romantic oil and acrylic canvas paintings created by Ms Tsang that bring out the hidden magic in everyday existence as she sees it.

"Our will, emotion and attitude change the way we understand the world. This world can be magical or bizarre when you believe it to be so," said Ms Tsang. "This is my first solo exhibition and I am honoured to share my art works with MTR passengers."

"Ms Tsang offers a fresh and unique interpretation of our surroundings through her works. They give viewers a pause to reflect on the way they look at what is around them. By bringing exhibitions such as this one to the "arttube", we aim to add enjoyment to our passengers’ everyday journeys and further promote art culture in society," said Ms May Wong, General Manager - Corporate Relations of MTR Corporation.

"Another Reality" is the latest in a regular series of "art-in-mtr - arttube" exhibitions. For more than 10 years through "arttube", MTR Corporation has provided a platform for aspiring artists, designers and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community.