Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Veteran Artists and Protégés Showcase Cross-Generational Creative Exchanges in new “Art in MTR” Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 24.3.2020 - 20.5.2020

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Over 20 artworks by veteran artists and their protégés featuring their everyday life experiences take centre stage in “Chaperone_Complement”, the latest “Art in MTR” exhibition which is on display at Exit/Entrance J at Central Station from today (24 March 2020) to 20 May 2020. The works including Contemporary Chinese ink, ceramics and Western painting showcase the talent of resident artists from the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), a factory-turned-artists village and arts centre in Shek Kip Mei.

“Art creation may be a lonely path, but inspiration often strikes when ideas are shared, and people interact. In the journey of art training, the boundary between ‘mentor’ and ‘protégé’ is often blurry, as skills can be taught but not creativity. In this exhibition, we invite four veteran Hong Kong-based artists to share with visitors how the interaction with their protégés not only informs creativity but also mutually enriches each other’s artistic journey,” said Ms Lillian Hau, Executive Director of JCCAC.

“Art is a source of inspiration and peace in the midst of people’s busy daily life. MTR is glad to offer a stage for artistic talents to showcase their works to the public, and at the same time, enrich passengers’ journeys while further promoting art creation and exhibition in the community. This new art exhibition interprets everyday life experiences, which closely echoes our objective of caring for passengers’ life journeys,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

“JCCAC Arts@MTR 2020: Chaperone_Complement” is the latest exhibition for the “Art in MTR” programme under the Corporation’s “Community Connect” initiative. “Art in MTR” provides a platform for aspiring artists, designers, and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community. The objective of this programme is to enhance passengers’ travelling experience through easy access to different art elements, including live performances, short-term art exhibitions, and permanent displays of art pieces.