Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Creative Paintings of Replicated Images Reveal the Beauty of Nature at Central Station’s “Art in MTR” Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 9.6.2020 - 31.7.2020

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Passengers at Central Station are now just steps away from a unique way of appreciating nature with the launch of a painting exhibition entitled “Replication in Nature – Manhill’s overlapping and rearranging art exhibition” from today (9 June 2020) to 31 July 2020 at Exit/Entrance J of the station. The artist, Mr Manhill Hui Man-san, applies overlapping artistic techniques to create multi-layered natural images.

In addition to the overlapping paintings, Manhill applies replication and rearrangement techniques with the single colour of black on the presentation of his “One can be Infinity” concept. “Nature is full of life and beauty. Different animals and plants move and grow to form countless layers. These magnificent scenes inspire me in creating artworks to show my salute to the beauty of nature,” said Manhill.

“The ‘Art in MTR’ platform is a hub for exchanging ideas and inspirations between artists and the community,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation. “This exhibition gives us an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature in the hustle and bustle of life, and serves as a timely reminder for us to conserve the environment,” Ms Choy added.

“Replication in Nature” is the latest exhibition for the “Art in MTR” programme under the Corporation’s “Community Connect” initiative. “Art in MTR” provides a platform for aspiring artists, designers, and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community. The objective of this programme is to enhance passengers’ travelling experience and integrate art into the community through easy access to different art elements, including live performances, short-term art exhibitions, and permanent displays of art pieces.