Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Local Culture and Heritage in Embroidered Artworks at Latest “Art in MTR” Gallery in Central Station

Exhibition dates:13.7.2021 – 10.9.2021

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In the modern world where images and graphics are rapidly and digitally created, the latest “Art in MTR” exhibition showcasing exquisite and detailed hand-embroidered artworks may seem like a breath of fresh air. The exhibition, entitled “Stitches in time…”, is now on display at MTR Central Station’s Exit/Entrance J from 13 July 2021 to 10 September 2021 featuring items as diverse as Hong Kong scenery, local culture and heritage and plants and animals created by a group of stitching enthusiasts from different ages and communities.

The embroideries are presented by textile artist Ms Nikki Delport-Wepener and her students who want to arouse people’s interest in stitching through their nearly 200 hand-embroidered artworks. “My students and I have prepared a feast of inspirational embroidery showcasing numerous two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed media techniques and stitches for passengers to appreciate the beauty of stitching,” said Nikki who has been doing embroidery since she was around six years old. “Stitching is more than a creation but a media to deliver care and love, such as supporting local charity events by making practical items like hats, lunch bags and quilts for people in need. Besides appreciating the designs, I hope passengers can also feel the joy and warmth expressed through the stitching,” Nikki added.

“Stitching and hand embroidery require a delicate touch and meticulous attitude. Passengers will be amazed by the details and creativity of each embroidered artwork. We hope to enrich their minds as well as inspire them in their daily lives with different formats of art exhibitions with stitching as one of the great examples,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs and Branding Director of MTR Corporation.

“Stitches in time…” is the latest exhibition for the “Art in MTR” programme under the Corporation’s “Community Connect” initiative. MTR Corporation strives to integrate art into stations by offering space at different MTR stations for art exhibitions to promote artistic talent and the public’s art appreciation.