Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Upcycled Neckties and Diverse Craftworks by Local Grassroots Women Showcased at “Art in MTR” Exhibition in Central Station

Exhibition dates: 20.12.2021 - 6.2.2022

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The latest “Art in MTR” exhibition on display from 22 December 2021 until 6 February 2022 showcases a series of artworks that illustrate precious intangible assets and the heritage of Hong Kong crafted stitch by stitch on upcycled materials by local grassroots women to promote creative and inclusive art to the public. Entitled “Tie Journeys • Continued”, the exhibition at MTR Central Station’s Exit/Entrance J highlights handicrafts from a group of seamstresses and artists from Les Beatitudes Foundation, a charitable organisation supporting and upskilling “sewing mothers”. Through their handcrafted artwork, they give a second life to donated neckties and unwanted materials by transforming them into new accessories and household items.

The exhibition features over 50 upcycling artworks including collage bags, purse, artworks and wooden lamps that incorporate elements of Hong Kong's history and everyday scenes in the design. Besides the artworks handcrafted by the artists and sewing mothers, some of the exhibited items were created in collaboration with visually impaired people from the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired. “The embroidered artworks are not only about providing a job opportunity, they allow the sewing mothers and artists to rebuild their confidence through stitching,” said Ms Margaret Leung who established the Les Beatitudes Foundation to support underprivileged women to integrate into the community. “Through this exhibition, we hope the talent and creativity of our artists could be channelled to the public and the appreciation can empower them to further excel,” she added.

“The MTR Corporation has always been committed to showcasing the artistic talents in the community through our ‘Art in MTR’ platforms in stations. The colourful and diverse artworks in the latest exhibition are ingeniously handmade to create new meaning and purpose for the recycled neckties. We are pleased to provide a platform for the talented women who created these handicrafts to reach out to the public as they are worthy of recognition and support from the community. Their artworks also promote the concept of sustainability to our passengers through the form of upcycling,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs and Branding Director of MTR Corporation.