Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility


Exhibition dates: 1.12.2023 – 14.1.2024

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The latest Art in MTR exhibition, entitled "Journey of Porcelain Art: Connecting Cultures and Generations", features a collection of approximately a hundred porcelain plates. Created by over 90 local Korean residents and local porcelain painting and art enthusiasts, these exquisite plates showcase district landmarks from all 99 MTR stations with MTR station names inscribed in Korean calligraphy fonts by Korean calligraphy artist Lucia Choi. Visitors can immerse themselves into these captivating artworks at Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station from 1 December 2023 until 14 January 2024.

Porcelain artists from Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club, T.O. Lee Porcelain Art, IPAT Asia Chapter and AnE Porcelain Art have meticulously selected famous district landmarks around the 99 MTR stations, infusing their own artistic style into painting. Together with Lucia's distinctive Korean calligraphy, the exhibits highlight the connectivity of the MTR and foster a blend of cultural characteristics between Hong Kong and Korea.

At the exhibition in Central Station, visitors can also appreciate the Chinese porcelain art by Dr Corinna Siu, President of International Porcelain Artists & Teachers, Inc. (IPAT), who pays homage to the origins of Chinese porcelain art with artworks infused with Chinese features and painting styles. As visitors continue to stroll, they are immersed in porcelain paintings by Korean porcelain artist Ms Tae Ok Lee, who seamlessly merges the traditional European painting style with the essence of Korean and Hong Kong culture. Moreover, the exhibition includes artworks by local students which encourages youth participation in the arts and illustrates the cross-cultural and intergenerational inheritance of porcelain art.

Dr Corinna Siu said, "On behalf of all the participating artists and students, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Korean Women Association and MTR Corporation for their unwavering support in promoting porcelain art. Porcelain art has a rich history and is renowned for its elegance, delicacy and eternal beauty. Through this exhibition, we aim to showcase the beauty and diversity of porcelain art and highlight how it facilitates cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Korea."

"The connection between MTR Corporation and the community is inseparable. I am very grateful to the artists who travelled along the MTR network, exploring creative ideas while enriching Hong Kong people about the diverse facets of Korean culture and art. The participation of porcelain artists and students from various cultural and national backgrounds in this exhibition also adds a fresh perspective to the revitalisation and preservation of traditional cultures in a contemporary context," said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs & Branding Director of MTR Corporation.

Through the "Art in MTR" programme, MTR Corporation strives to integrate art into stations by offering space at MTR stations for art exhibitions to promote artistic talent, enhance public's art appreciation, and enrich passengers' journeys at MTR.