Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Blessings · Bridge

Artwork Title:
Blessings · Bridge

Artist Name:
Mr Chung Wai-ming / Ming Yue (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
Ho Man Tin Station – Footbridge Ceiling of Entrance/Exit B1

Form of Artwork:

Materials :
Aluminium and Vinyl film

Artwork Completion Date:
September 2016

Artist's Concept:
"竹" (bamboo) and "福" (fortune) in Chinese culture symbolise nobility, righteousness, beauty and happiness. Said together in Cantonese, the two characters mean blessings, and express the hope that the pedestrian travelling along the footbridge could feel blessed.

The artwork is created with Chinese ink wash painting and calligraphy. From one end of the footbridge, viewers can see painted bamboo "竹", and from the other end they can see the term 'fortune' "福" written in Chinese calligraphy.